Close-up of anxious woman hands holding antistress ball at work.

Following a work accident, it is wise to get in touch with your Job Supervisor or Human Resource Manager as soon as the accident occurs. Physical Therapy is a common part of the treatment plan for work-related injuries as it provides the most important benefit to any organization which to get the employee back to full working duty as soon as possible. Another benefit is it helps with pain relief. This will not only relief your pain, but it will decrease one’s dependency on pain medication, eliminate the need for more invasive interventions and delay or avoid expensive surgeries.

Work related injuries can range from repetitive overuse injuries to more devastating slip and falls.  Physical therapy can help with restoring and improving function.  One of the most common work- related injuries is low back pain. If you are having low back pain right now:

Stay active, and do as much of your normal routine as possible (laying in bed > a day will slow down your recovery.

Other common work-related injuries we treat include:

·   Head and Neck Injuries     

·   Shoulder Fractures/Dislocations

·   Elbow Injuries

·   Wrist injuries

·   Finger Fractures/Dislocations

Treatments may include:

·   Manual therapy

·   Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises

·   Education

·   Training for proper lifting, bending, sitting, or doing chores at work and for proper sleeping positions

·   Use of ice/heat treatments; ultrasound, electrical stimulation to help relieve pain

Bicep tear or strain, tendon injuries on a muscular man hand. Trauman or trauma injury.