Our Mission

360 Rehab Services’ mission is to provide a holistic approach to one’s healthcare. We strive to provide a safer, healthier and a less invasive alternative to one’s wellbeing by not having to rely on pain medication or accept that your only option is an unnecessary surgery. We want to help people live a better version of themselves.


ABOUT 360 Rehab Services

Dr. Dainielle Gordon-Cornwall PT, DPT, MA

Dr. Dainielle Gordon-Cornwall was born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. She migrated to the United States to continue her studies and received her B.S. in Psychobiology/Psychology from LaSierra University, her M.A. in Management and Leadership from Webster University and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University.

With her extensive background in physical science, management credentials and experience, plus her 15 + years dedicated to the Physical Therapy and wellness profession she had a strong desire to open her own physical therapy and wellness facility. At 360 Rehab Services she leads her team to serve the South Florida community by providing the highest quality of care with a holistic approach for a better you. Dr. Dainielle Gordon-Cornwall and her 360 Rehab Services team are able to provide quality physical therapy and wellness care that makes their patients/clients feel at home in a “boutique-styled” atmosphere.

When she is not serving patients or developing her team at 360 Rehab Services, she enjoys spending quality time with her family (husband and two children) and participating in outdoor activities.

I am the “shoulder whisperer”. I serve women/ busy moms who don’t take of themselves. I help navigate through annoying and often debilitating shoulder pain and/ dysfunction without having to rely on medication to get through life’s daily activities.
~ Dr. Dainielle Gordon-Cornwall PT, DPT, MA

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Our Core Values

  • You are the center of all that we do
  • Person first, patient second
  • Serve with dignity and respect
  • Anticipate unstated needs
  • Create WOW experiences
  • Discover Creative solutions
  • Welcome and embrace change
  • Fun, positive team spirit
  • Commitment to lifelong learning & growth

Telehealth Services

360 Rehab Services offers telehealth services. Get treated in the convenience of your own home. We use latest cutting edge technology to deliver telehealth services, with digital exercise prescription, secure video calling. The call can be activated through a secure web link shared right to your email or phone through at text message. Watch the video to learn more.

Why 360?

We wish to provide a “360 holistic approach” to your care factoring other external stressors that might negatively impact the success of your rehabilitation and healing journey, such increase stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, unmanaged chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

We specialize in taking care of a variety of orthopedic issues

We offer a wide range of rehabilitative and wellness services to allow you to live a better version of yourself

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