Sports injury

As a professional athlete, school athlete, “weekend warrior” or someone who engages in recreational sports keep up with their fitness and physical activities sustaining a sports injury can affect the quality of your life significantly and be very debilitating if left untreated. Symptoms can worsen over time and can lead to long-term effects such as arthritis, and degenerative disease later in life. Early intervention is key with sports related injury. Physical Therapy has specific treatment protocols to target areas of the body to get you back to your sports in optimal shape. Physical therapy can help you improve or restore mobility, decrease pain and dependency on pain medication, regain your strength, accelerate your recovery, and avoid or delay the need for surgery.
With Physical Therapist being movement experts, we can help you regain freedom of movement, freedom of pain and even prevent injury and re-injury giving a different perspective though their professional assessment. We can simulate your plays and moves in the clinic as we improve your speed, agility, mobility, power, and/or drive.

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Legs Sports Massage Therapy

Some common sports injuries we treat include:

  •   Head and Neck Injuries     
  •   Shoulder Fractures/Dislocations
  •   Elbow Injuries
  •   Wrist injuries
  •   Finger Fractures/Dislocations
  •   Hamstring strains                      
  •   Hip/Groin strains 
  •   Knee injuries          
  •   Ankle sprain/strains
  •   Post-surgical rehabilitation  for all areas mentioned above (if surgery was deemed necessary such as in cases of fractured bone(s)) or complete tear of ligament(s)/tendon(s) and more severe instances where surgery was done as a life-saving intervention).

Treatments may include:

  •   Manual therapy
  •   Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises
  •   Education
  •   Training for proper lifting, bending, sitting, or doing chores at work and for proper sleeping positions
  •   Use of ice/heat treatments; ultrasound, electrical stimulation to help relieve pain