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Our team will contact your insurance company as a courtesy to determine cost and discuss your Physical Therapy benefits before your appointment.

We also offer self-pay options and flexible payment plans for individuals that do not have insurance or have exhausted their benefits but still require our services.

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Holistic Physical Therapy methods?

We offer a holistic therapy approach to take care of a wide array of orthopedic issues. We focus on the complete person and mitigate  external issues that directly prevents you from living a better version of yourself. We help you get back to the things you love without relying on pain medications and needing any unnecessary surgery.

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Our Specialty

post surgical rehabilitation

Post surgical Therapy services

After surgery, it's crucial to receive the proper care and rehabilitation to speed up the healing process. Our Post Surgical Therapy services provide patients with the necessary treatment and support to make a full recovery. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

work injury

Personal Injury Therapy services

If you're struggling to cope with the aftermath of a personal injury, our Therapy services can help. We provide a complete range of therapies designed to support your physical recovery. We offer short and long-term programs to assist you to getting back on your feet.

Spinal care Therapy Services

If you're dealing with back pain, Spinal Care Therapy Services can help. We offer a variety of services to help relieve your pain and improve your quality of life. Our experienced therapists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that fits your needs.

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360 Rehab Physical Therapy Services

Male therapist massaging knee of athlete patient - sport physical therapy concept

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, is one of the allied health professions that by using evidence-based kinesiology, exercise prescription, health education, mobilization, electrical and physical agents, treats acute or chronic pain, movement and physical impairments resulting from injury.



At 360 Rehab Services, your experience is what matters most and we want you to enjoy each moment you spend with us. We believe that maintaining a healthy weight and increasing your physical activity is the pathway improving your general fitness and achieving optimal health.

Who are Physical Therapists?

  • In general, we are the experts who understand and care for those who have issues with their muscles and bones. We are experts in how the body moves.
  • In many cases, get rid of your pain without having to take pain medication.
  • In most cases, we help people avoid expensive and painful surgery.
  • We are the perfect health partners.
  • We are held to a high standard and have to pass national and state examinations to be able to care for our patients.
  • We work alongside your doctor as part of the team to get you well again.

Telehealth Services

360 Rehab services offers Telehealth services. Get treated in the convenience of your own home. We use latest cutting edge technology to deliver telehealth services, with digital exercise prescription, secure video calling. The call can be activated through a secure web link shared right to your email or phone through at text message. Watch the video to learn more.


A. Hernandez

It's a great experience to have Dr. Dainielle Gordon-Cornwall as my Physical Therapist. She's very nice and thorough. 11/10 would recommend. 😁

D. Wint

I have had the best experience with any Physical Therapist after having being treated by Dr. DANIELLE GORDON -CORNWALL...I would highly recommend her for any of your Physical Therapy needs.

R. Henry

Very satisfied customer. You won’t be disappointed! Excellent service!

D. Gordon

Excellent service....Very thorough and detail!!!! Takes the time to answer all my questions and explain every step of my treatment. Dr. Cornwall is the best physical therapists around town!!!

A. Polo Designation

Beside the professionalism and the knowledge, the personnel touch is my absolute favorite. Keep up the good work.

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