How many visits will I need?

The number of visits vary per individual and their specific needs. It will also depend on your impairment(s), the severity of your symptoms and your past medical history. We do re-evaluate monthly and after your medical doctor follow up appointments.

Why should I choose 360 Rehab Services?

• We believe in providing a level of personalized care where you will never feel like you have entered a “factory” or “run of the mill” facility. • We focus on providing you with the best experience possible; from day 1 you become a part of the 360 Rehab family. • We wish to provide a “360 holistic approach” to your care factoring other external stressors that might negatively impact the success of your rehabilitation and healing journey, such increase stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, unmanaged chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. • We specialize in taking care of a variety of orthopedic issues • We offer a wide range of rehabilitative and wellness services to allow you to live a better version of yourself

What will I need to do after my Physical Therapy visit(s)?

Most if not all patients are given a home exercise program and will often offer recommendations on the how to safely return to gym program. In some cases, you will return to normal daily activities and prior level of function.

Is my Physical Therapist licensed?

Yes all Physical Therapist (s) is licensed in their respective state.

Can I still be seen if I don't have insurance?

Yes, We are a hybrid practice i.e. we do have contracts with insurance companies and we also offer self-pay/cash-pay options for the uninsured and the under insured.

What do I bring on the first day?

You will need to bring your photo ID, insurance card, your form of payment (we accept all major credit/debit cards, cash, check and we offer biweekly and monthly payment plan options such agreed upon arrangement with Owner.

What do I wear on my first visit?

Dress comfortably at all time. You might also get additional instructions at the time of scheduling depending on the body part being addressed to better serve you.

Can I go directly to a Physical Therapist if I am certain my issue is muscle or joint related?

Yes, As per the Florida State Statute we are considered a “direct access” State, therefore one can be seen in the state of Florida by a licensed Physical Therapist for up to 29 days without a Doctor’s prescription or approved provider signing off on the plan of care. A prescription or an approved plan of care by an approved provider will need to be obtained if therapy will be deemed medically necessary beyond 30 days. This however will be discussed on an individual basis as some insurances have not caught up with the statute.

How long is each session?

Initial assessment can run from 60-90 mins; each follow up session can be from 30- 60 mins.

What are your CO-VID 19 office procedures

All CDC guidelines are strictly enforced, as it relates to cleaning protocols, mask mandate to enter the facility, pre-screening questionnaire and temperature check upon entry, hand sanitizers are positioned throughout the clinic, no waiting allowed in the lobby and only 1 parent per minor.